Questions & Answers

We only give discounts to Students, First Response, Military, Gulfstream, and Teachers!

No we do not but we can recommend you to a few talented artist we may know of.

Because we are in the middle of Broughton St, in Downtown Savannah, we unfortunately do not have a parking lot or reserved spots for our customers. We suggest to all of our clients to give themselves some wiggle room to look for parking especially during the weekend when it gets a little hectic from the overflow of visitors. However, there is also a parking garage on either side of us so if you are lucky you may find a spot there!

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. We will hold your reservation with a debit or credit card, there will be no charges till after your appointment. If you do not call a minimum of
24 hours before your appointment or fail to show up then we will charge 50% of your appointment to your card. Because we are on the smaller end, and we are also affiliated with all hotels and AirBnBs in the area, we tend to stay pretty booked and value our customers time, we well as our providers that make sure you get your time booked for you.

A couples massage with us does not mean anything. It just means that we place you both in the same room, whether it is your best friend or your significant other. We offer an array of different massages that you both can either get the same or different from each other. So you would pick one of our massages and multiply it by two to get your price.

Milan Day Spa is a spa boutique. Therefor, we do not. We can gladly hold onto any of your belongings in the Front Desk alongside with our concierge. Our massage providers use just enough essential oils that you will not be feeling oily and greasy.

Why yes of course! We just ask that you be at least be passed your First Trimester and have the okay by your doctor, just to be on the safe side of things. Instead of being on your stomach, you shall be asked to be on your sides instead. Happy mama, happy baby!

Unfortunately we are not and you will be required to go up a flight of stairs for any Waxing, Massage, Spray Tan, Facials, and Lash appointments.

We do not unfortunately, we only go gel nail polish and your natural nail polish manicure. We do not do gel dip, acrylic, or tips

We ask that you do not shave or trim your hair and have it to a minimum of ¼ of an inch long at least, that way the wax can adhesive to the hair and not your skin. Our estheticians can trim and groom as need be. We suggest that you exfoliate afterwards with a loofah to prevent any ingrowns!

We would suggest to reschedule just so you’re comfortable.

So we suggest looking under our “Gifts” tab, there you can click on the gift card in the flowers and can follow along. There you can make a gift certificate and it will be emailed to whoever you’d like!

Well thank you for considering us, we would suggest someone to email us at with a list of everyone’s names and a list of what they would like that day and we can go ahead and get started with booking you all in ! We lastly ask that you book
at least a month in advance just because we would like to keep you all in the same time frame and no one is waiting longer than others, and that we can of course accommodate you all.